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Amazing Innovations That Won an Edison Award

Once in a while, a product comes along that completely changes the game. Consequently, this creates a ripple effect amongst consumers, as everyone gets caught up in the sensation of wanting to infuse the modern ingenuity into their daily lives. On the other side of things, these products are likely the end result of tireless hours of engineering, marketing, and testing, which is all an attempt to make them as intelligible and consumer-friendly as possible. However, in today's technologically expedient atmosphere where everything is a mere click away, competition can become markedly intense, reshaping the industry each time something new is released. As a result, the most innovative and original of these products are recognized through the bestowment of the prestigious Edison Award, which acknowledges applicants who surpass the standards previously set by the inventions of the world-renowned Thomas Alva Edison.

Those familiar with Edison's work are likely already aware that he was a prolific inventor whose output stretched far beyond the bound of what was historically conceivable. Edison achieved an impressive 1,093 patents throughout the course of his life, many of which had a positive impact on several divergent industries at once. Thus, his work greatly impacted the overall quality of modern life and informed many of the technological practices that benefit us today. For example, film technology, telecommunications, and DC current were all borne out of Edison's innovative thinking and ingenious inventions. Today, the Edison Award recognized similar achievements in technology that will greatly reshape the way humans interact with their environment and how we live our daily lives. To give you an idea of some of the subsequent inventions that have made the cut, here is a list of some amazing innovations that won an Edison Award.

1. Spills be Gone: Tide to Go

When it comes to food and beverages, the one thing we can all be certain of is that spills will surely occur. It doesn't matter if you're eating a hamburger, pasta, or simply drinking a soda; if you are imbibing or eating something, you could likely experience a spill that could potentially stain your clothes and derail the rest of your day. Fortunately, Tide invented and subsequently released their Tide to Go marker a few years ago to address this particular issue.

Tide to Go is a small pen that can fit inside a pocket, purse, or even a glove compartment for easy transport. This means users can bring it with them wherever they eat, greatly reducing the impacts that could result from any spillage. To properly use the product, clean the area of any accumulated food or particulate matter, then apply the tip of the pen to the surface to trigger the release of the solvent inside. Almost instantly, the peroxide surfactant and perfume combo starts removing all traces of the stain, making it ideal for removing coffee, marinara sauce, ketchup, and much more. However, users should be aware that due to its chemical properties, Tide to Go will not work with grass stains, ink stains, or bloodstains. Nevertheless, because of its insatiable convenience, Tide to Go was granted an Edison Award.

2. Let There be Light: LDG Light Bulb

In 2015, the company Perhelion received an Edison Award for their renowned contribution to the world of emergency lighting: the LDG Light Bulb. Perhelion is a laser technology company based out of North Carolina. With the LDG, their aim was to utilize laser light as a means of creating an intuitive indicator that can help people stuck in dangerous conditions (like a fire) find their way out in a safe and efficient manner.

The LDG bulb uses hundreds of powered laser beams sourced from a passively cooled solid state laser. The end result is a powerful light that pours over external surfaces in a manner that resembles a crosshair pattern (think of the crosshair wires Catherine Zeta Jones traverses in the film Entrapment). This effectively enables greater forward visibility and depth perception with ample intensity and shadow reduction. Additionally, it provides an excellent means of visibility vis-a-vis smoke and/or fog. Beyond all that, the LDG's energy conscious design means it can remain in constant use for up to twenty-four hours!

3. Ever Heard of an iPhone?

Though tech-giant Apple has consistently outdone themselves year-after-year with a variety of essential and innovative products (not to mention ad campaigns), their crowning achievement managed to win them an Edison Award and is undoubtedly the very instrument you are using to read this article: the iPhone.

While the iPhone was initially touted as three products (iPod, web tool, and phone) in one, there are many apps available today that make it much more than that. And this tangibility is a key part of what makes it so great in the first place. Other aspects include the iPhone's intuitive touch screen, which makes it both fun and easy to navigate, and its integrated music and video playback functionality, both of which can house a plethora of a user's favorite media for portable playback wherever and whenever they like.

4. Wii Fit: Get Fit, Digitally!

A few years ago, most people would not think to put video games and fitness in the same category. Then Nintendo came along, changed the game, and won an Edison Award in the process. Wii Fit, from Nintendo, was designed to alter the way consumers interact with their gaming consoles; along the way, it ended up reshaping how many conceive of fitness, gaming, and leisure activity itself.

Wii Fit essentially enables users to work out in the privacy and comfort of their own homes, while providing a digital environment that tracks their progress, provides several different types of workouts, encourages them during routine workouts, and allows them to set various goals. Upon the original's rapid success and social notoriety, Nintendo released Wii Fit Plus, which built upon all the original features that made its predecessor a hit, including even more workout modes and a variety of different activities.

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