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Awarding the Graduate

For those of us getting ready to graduate, there's often nothing we want more than to show off our accomplishments, and for good reason. We worked exceptionally hard to get where we are today and we should be able to display that fact with pride. This is one of the reasons why graduation is an exemplary moment in most of our lives. Far from being an indicator of the long forgotten, graduation represents a precipice of sorts, a gap from an intangible past into an unknown future.

Most of this significance is lost on us when we graduate from high school, as we really cannot wait to high tail it out of there. However, college and sports are a very different story. In terms of career trajectory, graduating from college or a trade school is a huge step forward. Much of what we learn in college will inform our career paths and the work that we find enjoyable down the road. For that reason, our college degree or trade school certificate is likely something we are extremely proud of. As such, a college diploma or trade school certificate is something we will likely display in our office or at home, as it is symbolic of our interests, work ethic, and material past. Consequently, one of the best ways to award a graduate is in how you help them display their diploma, certificate, or some conveyance of their time in school (such as a photograph or trophy). Here to help give you some ideas is a list of different commemorative ways to award your graduate.

The Importance of Diploma/Certificate Preservation

When people do not immediately put their diploma in a safe space, they tend to succumb to the elements, quickly getting wrinkled, dirty, or destroyed in the process. Sometimes they are even lost outright. Conversely, if one puts it in a spot that is not only safe, but also visible, one can avoid losing their diploma, keeping it looking new, and able to display it prominently for all to see. All the better if it is housed inside a sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing frame.

One of the best places to put a diploma is in a home office or study, where clients and colleagues can bask in the sophisticated aesthetic it imparts. It's also a great way to show off a little school spirit, which can impart even more emphasis to your accomplishments. With all this in mind, one of the most effective means of accomplishing all of the above is by framing your diploma or certificate. Fortunately, there are a wealth of frames available in all shapes and sizes, and perfect for different tastes and styles.

Integrated Photo Displays

Another great graduation gift that lends some credence to your graduate's accomplishments is an object with an integrated photo display. Consider something that could serve as a practical office device that also contains a space for inserting a photo. For example, if your graduate was a football player, you could find a commemorative football-themed plaque. For something less specific but with an even wider aesthetic appeal, consider something like a clock with a photo display. This could easily be combined with a noteworthy photo showing your grad doing what they do best, then placed on an office desk or a shelf.

For those who want to add even more of a personalized touch, you could pay a little extra to have a special message engraved on the stand itself. For those who like to be a little more eco-conscious, there are a variety of eco-friendly stands that can add just as much aesthetic as their counterparts.


For those with graduates who need a little extra decorum for their walls, consider commemorating the event with a customized plaque. In terms of materials, one of today's most popular aesthetic stylings is natural wood, such as bamboo. Fortunately, many plaques are available in a variety of classic wood stylings, including bamboo. What better way to commemorate your graduate's accomplishments than with something as unique as their experience?

Plaques work especially well for areas beyond school as well. If your graduate was just inducted as a firefighter or completed a law enforcement program, there are customized plaques available for that as well. Many of these are constructed from sturdy wood that has been custom-shaped for the utmost aesthetic pleasure. On the other hand, suppose your graduate was just awarded for their technical brilliance at some high tech software company--in which case you could select something more elegant and modern, such a s a plaque constructed from metal and glass, two materials that positively scream innovation!

Trophies, Medals, and More

If your graduate is particularly keen on sports, or if sports played a major role in their academic experience, one of the best ways to award them is with a commemorative medal or trophy, each of which can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, consider a custom-engraved medallion or hand-painted trophy. Both items will lend a colorful aesthetic, as well as give your graduate some added confidence in their abilities, both past and present.

Even if sports did not play a major role in their academic or professional development, there is always the option of engraving some kind of portable object, such as a mug or other liquid receptacle. This is a great way to ensure that your graduate can carry their accomplishments around with them for all the world to see. You could engrave something as simple as their name and jersey number (if applicable), the name and logo of the institution they graduated from, or even customized picture of them in their uniform or academic regalia. No matter the final decision, any customized totem is sure to impart a wealth of self-confidence and let your graduate know that you are proud of their accomplishments. Even better, any of the aforementioned items will serve as a great companion gift to a frame, plaque, or integrated photo display.

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