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Case Study Harding University Donor Recognition Medals

The Story:
The President’s Council at Harding University is comprised of members who are committed to the growth and progress of the university through service and financial support. A variety of financial needs including academic, athletic, departmental and performance-related scholarships are met through the President’s Council Scholarship Fund. More than 80 percent of students at Harding University need financial assistance. This scholarship fund makes it possible for many quality students to pursue their education at Harding.

The university desired to be inclusive by inviting alumni and friends of all ages and demographic backgrounds to join the Council. The donor group structure was revised to have four giving levels named after Harding University’s four presidents. Consequently, Harding University was looking for unique donor recognition gifts that would recognize each level of giving and serve as a continuing reminder of their commitment to the university.


The Challenge:
Harding University opted to issue commemorative medallions with the challenge how to differentiate the different giving levels among the medals. An approach that went beyond featuring the portrait of that level’s president was desired. The perfect solution was to vary the medal composition of each giving level to make each level look distinctly different.


The Solution:
Each giving level would be struck or plated in a different metal. Copper was chosen as the first level, known for its beautiful red color. The next level was minted in bronze and finished in a rich antique. Level 3 was plated in pure silver and then antiqued. Level 4, the highest, was plated in gold with a luminous finish. Donors receive the medallion on a wood display stand for their giving level as well as all lower levels. Plus, members receive the respective medals as they graduate up through the levels over time.

These medallions turned out to be the ideal donor recognition gift for the following reasons:

  • unique, exclusive gift that cannot be purchased anywhere
  • permanent reminder of their commitment to the university will be cherished for decades
  • high perceived value
  • distinguish each giving level with a different Harding president in a different composition
  • high quality museum-quality medallions with lifelike portraits that are proudly displayed 

Medallic Art was chosen because of their rich history of minting the highest quality medallions, long-term experience in minting in different materials, as well as the most trusted maker of the finest maces and chains of office for the academic market.

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Harding University
Copper Medallion
David B. Burks
Harding University
Bronze Medallion
Clifton L. Ganus Jr.
Harding University
Silver-Plated Medallion
George S. Benson
Harding University
Gold-Plated Medallion
J.N. Armstrong

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