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Case Study Hank Greenberg Medal

Success Summary: The Jewish-American Hall of Fame desired to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of baseball hall of famer Hank Greenberg, who had been honored in their commemorative art medal series back in 1991. Medallic Art, division of Northwest Territorial Mint, still had the dies and special tooling preserved in the archive. They minted additional Hank Greenberg medals on time, on budget and delighted the customer with outstanding quality that matched the original 1991 issue. In addition, the art medals have sold well.

The Challenge: Would the custom dies and special tooling from 20 years ago still be available? Was it possible to replicate the quality and finish of medals from 1991? What would the cost be since the art medals are sold as a fundraiser?

The Solution: Medallic Art was the obvious choice since they still had the custom dies and tooling, provided competitive pricing and could meet the delivery date.

The Story: Mel Wacks, Director of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame, started the longest series of art medals issued in America, dating back to 1969 when he first approached Medallic Art Company to produce the first medal for the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. The art medals are minted and sold as a fundraiser, a project that’s raised over $200,000 for educational programs for the museum.

This marks the first time that a design has been re-issued and Mel wondered if the dies and tooling for a project from 20 years ago would even be available. Fortunately, Medallic Art is committed to careful preservation of their die archives with some dies date back about a hundred years. The original custom dies and tooling were located and utilized for Greenberg’s 100th anniversary.

Mel Wacks was delighted with the experience and results. He said “I called Susan Skaggs (Sales) and she prepared a quote that met both my budget and delivery time. Susan was a pleasure to work with and the medals were delivered on time. Even more importantly, the medals were outstanding quality, exactly matching the 1991 issue except there’s a different special inscription on the edge.”

The Hank Greenberg medals have sold very well and Mel is now working with Medallic Art on the 2012 Jewish-American Hall of Fame medals.

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