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Custom Commemorative Coins and Medals As a Means to Recognize Achievement

Medals and coins have been used as a form of recognition since the 4th Century B.C., when Alexander the Great offered golden buttons to those who fought for him with valor. Roman emperors handed out large medallions of gold or silver to their military members and these were commonly worn as jewelry on the body. Coins and medals have a long and storied history as prizes handed down for achievement and appreciation, you can continue this time-honored tradition with custom commemorative coins and medallions that can be die-struck with any design or logo you choose. These gifts are a classic method for acknowledgment of bravery, sacrifice, and perseverance or simply for an exemplary job well done.

Medals as Rewards

Since the very early examples of commemorative coins and medals being given out for recognition in the days of the Roman Empire, it's a practice that flourished through the Migration Period into the Middle Ages, where these custom commemorative medals were produced with a variety of different metals including gold, silver-gilt, bronze, and lead. The materials used were in accordance with the social standing or rank of the individual receiving the award. Each medal or coin was created using the likeness of the person handing out the award with an accompanying inscription on one side. The flip side typically featured an emblem or logo associated with the donor or organization and that entity's motto.

Notable Awards for Achievement

There are a myriad of medals that are handed out to commemorate accomplishment and performance in all kinds of fields. The most notable perhaps being the military, after all, it's where the practice was started all of those years ago. The Purple Heart, the Navy Cross, the Bronze Star, the Medal of Honor, all of these are renowned symbols that recognize the efforts of those who have received them.

One of the most recognizable medals in the world is handed out at the Olympics. Although the design is different with each year, it's one of the most universally-appreciable medallions handed out to athletes who perform at the highest levels in their sport. When you win one of them, it shows the world that you competed against the best of the best and earned a victory.

The Nobel Prize, the National Medal of Arts, the Pulitzer Prize, the Tony Award, all of these are handed for excellence in the fields of academia, science, culture, journalism, and the Arts and are also among the most notable and recognizable examples of custom commemorative medals throughout the world. Earning one of these demonstrates that you have reached the pinnacle of your chosen field and is a constant reminder of your success.

Commemorative Coins and Medals

Medals and coins are a special honor bestowed upon the greats. Showing your appreciation and recognition of achievement through these long-standing symbols of respect can make a big impact on the recipient. It shows that you value the individual as a part of your organization and can be an important first step in forming an enduring bond together. It will long serve as a reminder of that individual's actions and achievements whether it's given out by a school or a corporation to those who have performed well or made a difference in their actions.

Designing Your Custom Commemorative Medals

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your very own medal or coin. Each one is designed and manufactured to your exact specifications from the size of the medallion or coin itself to the emblem, logo, and text appearing on its surface. Every custom medal is struck using the finest precision sculpting and engraving techniques and each step of the process, from the design to the finishing stage, meets or exceeds the highest standards for production. All under the watchful eyes of our expert craftsmen who then inspect and package your medals carefully, making them ready for presentation.

You can even choose from a variety of packaging designs and colors to match your organization's own color scheme or visual palette. Medallions may also be given out with ribbons attached if you prefer, so they may be presented and worn around the neck or attached to clothing.

Minted with Pride in the United States of America

Our craftspeople work with you on every detail to help you create a medal that is unique and special to your organization.

If you can imagine it, Medallic Art's artisans can create it.

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