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Improve Employee Morale With Customized Award Medals

When business hire employees, an agreement is struck. Employees agree to perform certain duties outlined as part of their job and work certain hours, and employers agree to pay them a set amount, along with providing benefits, in exchange for that work. This is the basic legal and/or implicit agreement between any employer and employee.

However, businesses often expect more than what is agreed upon. You may ask employees to tackle tasks that are not part of the job description. You might expect them to work late or on weekends at times in order to meet deadlines. In addition, you probably want your employees to care about your business just as much as you do, to push themselves to perform at 110%, and to take pride in their work and treat coworkers and customers like gold.

What are you going to give them in exchange? Some companies offer annual bonuses or stock options. Some offer a schedule of promotions and raises based on experience or merit. Others offer no guarantees at all, or conditional benefits that will be withdrawn if performance doesn't meet expectations. This, unfortunately, can be bad for morale.

If you want your employees invested in your company and your operations, you have to offer them something in return, and often, more money won't do the trick. They're already getting paid to perform certain tasks. If you want them to be proud members of your corporate family, to put their heart and soul into their work, you have to offer them compensation in kind. In other words, you have to find ways to show you care about your employees, not just the profits they produce.

One great way to do this is through recognition. Sure, employees might appreciate a holiday party, bagel Fridays, or annual bonuses, but what most people crave is recognition for their hard work. When they go above and beyond, they want the personal rewards that come from knowing their extra effort is appreciated. One way to accomplish this end is with customized award medals.

What Are Customized Award Medals?

The name pretty much says it all. Customized award medals are medals that recognize a person, a group, or a position for exceptional performance. One common form of recognition is employee of the month, but you could recognize any number of accomplishments within your corporate structure.

Customized award medals could be given to individuals or groups for meeting or exceeding annual goals for projects or earnings. They could be given for all kinds of outstanding performance, or for exemplifying specific traits that are valued within your corporate culture. They could be given to highlight performance, advancement, or pretty much anything that you feel is commendable.

Why Give Customized Award Medals?

There are a couple of reasons to give employees award medals. First and foremost, it shows that you recognize their contributions and accomplishments. It provides employees with a tangible symbol of your recognition and regard that they can proudly display and use to remind themselves and others of the merits of hard work.

It also provides an opportunity for public recognition by peers. When you hold an awards ceremony or publicly announce awards, you raise the esteem of award recipients and give others something to aspire to. This can help to improve morale throughout the company, even for employees who don't receive awards.

Why is Employee Recognition So Important?

For most people, a job is not the most important thing in their lives. The majority of people place higher value on family, friends, religion, and leisure time, just for example. People work to earn a pay check, and most work just enough to pay the bills, plan for retirement, and set something aside for a rainy day.

That said, the average adult spends a pretty big chunk of each day working, or at least being at work. How can you, as an employer, motivate employees to engage and invest? Creating high morale, whereby employees love their jobs and the company they work for, is a big part of the equation. While you can do a lot to create a comfortable environment, improving morale also requires a level of recognition for excellence in the work environment.

Employees crave compensation for their work, but people crave compensation for their effort, something more than a mere pay check. When somebody goes out of their way, putting extra time and effort into a project in order to produce the best possible outcome, it's only natural to want a pat on the back.

If they receive no more recognition than when they put in a mediocre effort and create merely passable work, why would they possibly do more? If you don't reward effort and offer merit-based recognition, employees understand that you aren't paying attention and you don't care. This can damage morale and cause employees not to care about what they're doing any more than you do.

The truth, of course, is that you do care about the amount of effort they put in and how they perform, as it has a direct correlation to your company's productivity and profit. You just have to find ways to show you care so that employees feel valued. Recognizing their efforts with public displays and physical reminders, such as award medals, is a great way to show that you appreciate a job well done, and it can improve overall morale.

What are the Benefits of Improved Morale?

Think about how you perform when you're energized and engaged versus when you're bored, ambivalent, or even unhappy. When morale is low and employees have a negative association with the workplace, it could not only impact performance, but it could also increase stress levels, instances of illness, and missed days, to the further detriment of productivity.

High morale could elicit exactly the opposite outcome. Employees are less likely to be stressed or ill and may miss fewer days of work as a result. They'll enjoy coming to work, cooperating with coworkers, and immersing themselves in projects when they know that their efforts are appreciated and they could receive personal recognition and rewards for their hard work. This is the type of work environment you want to create and support, and adopting an attitude of appreciation and offering recognition with customized award medals is a great place to start.

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