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Medallic Art Company’s Die Library

With hundreds of thousands of dies and a century of safekeeping, there's no one you can trust more than Medallic Art Company to protect your dies.

Die Library

We Are Your Trusted Partner

Every year, the craftsmen at Northwest Territorial Mint and Medallic Art Company produce dies used to make unique coins, medals, and minted products. The handcrafted dies used to mint these products are made of hardened steel but are surprisingly easy to damage and need constant care.

Die Library

Die Library Our dies go back since the founding of the company in 1903. Since we never dispose of our customer dies, you can be certain that whether you need new products next month or 30 years from now, your dies are safe in our state-of-the-art die library. Your die will be ready for immediate use.

We store each customer die domestically, protecting our customer’s designs as well. Dies produced overseas often fall prey to loss or counterfeit.

Without domestic storage, the status of dies can be uncertain and prices on reordering work will naturally skyrocket. Thanks to our secure die library, we stand ready to strike your future coins, medals, or other products immediately, for a reasonable cost.

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Die Library

Safely and securely stored in our state of the art 118,000 sq. ft. facility in Dayton, Nevada.

Die Library

We stand ready to strike your future coins, medals, or other products immediately.

NWTM/Medallic Art is a permanent repository of all custom dies for its customers’ future use for the lifetime of the company. NWTM/Medallic Art retains copyright rights to all artwork it creates, and also retains possession and ownership of all dies it creates for its customers. All dies are stored at NWTM/Medallic Art’s facilities and are placed within our Die Library. However, NWTM/Medallic Art will not use its customers’ dies or artwork without express written permission of its customers or for future customer orders.

Minted with Pride in the United States of America

Our craftspeople work with you on every detail to help you create a medal that is unique and special to your organization.

If you can imagine it, Medallic Art's artisans can create it.

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