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The Medal Manufacturing Process - What Does It Take to Be the Best?

Over centuries of industrialized innovation, medal manufacturers have relied on unique minting procedures for creating custom made medals. Our custom medals are created using the finest precision techniques starting at the design stage all the way to the finishing and packaging stages.

Design Stage

Custom made medals start with the artwork. You can supply your own, whether it's a rough sketch or fully rendered artwork, or have one of our design artists create the imagery you want based on any form of media. That can be a photograph or digital image that you provide. Or you can also bring some ideas to us and our experts can work from there.

Sculpting Stage

Medal manufacturers use a sculpting process that focuses on providing three-dimensional depth and texture in a plaster cast sculpt that is used for building the coining dies. Though this part of the process isn't always incorporated in the creation of our custom medals, most customers choose to take this extra step to craft a medal with detailed imagery.

Dies Phase

This part of the process uses two hardened steel dies, both engraved with your chosen design, to strike the custom medals you have ordered. You can choose two or three-dimensional dies for the look and feel you want on your finished medallion. It all depends on the type of design you've created. Some look better in a two-dimensional aspect while others pop in a three-dimensional visual palette.

Custom Medals Melt Phase

Here is where the metals used for the creation of the medallion are melted down. They are poured into billets at the exacting standards for quality to ensure the best looking custom made medals on the market today. The billets are then pressed into long, soft annealed metal strips.

Extruding Phase

Those soft annealed metal strips are then heated at 1,000 degrees in billet ovens. After the heating procedures, the billets are then extruded into thin strips where they are prepared to go through the rolling phase.

Rolling Phase

The strips are allowed to cool and then each one is trimmed before it goes to the rolling phase. This phase is where the specifications for thickness are calibrated. Each strip is then sent through the rolling machine, which uses hydraulic pressure to flatten it to the precise thickness that the customer has ordered.

Blanking Phase

Each precision pressed strip is then sent through a blank press where it punches out metal discs. These discs are cleaned and prepped before they are sent to the strike phase and the custom made medals are created.

Polish Phase

Here is where the blanks are polished using ball bearings in a combination of soap solution and warm water. Each blank is finely polished using vibration for a preliminary finish before being sent to the strike phase.

Strike Minting Phase

This part of the process uses a minting press that strikes every blank with the custom made dies. When the dies strike the blank, each one leaves a detailed impression on either side, giving your custom made medals their two-dimensional or three-dimensional imagery. From here, each struck blank is sent to the finishing stage.

Finishing Phase

Now that your medallion is fully rendered, you can choose additional finishing options to give it a unique and remarkable appearance. We have a variety of choices from hand-painted enameling to antique and plating finishes to create the exact look you have in mind.

Packaging Phase

Now that your custom medals are complete, you can select from our multitude of packaging options to make your medal or coin ready for presentation. If you'd prefer, we also have packaging that can be used for display purposes in your home or office.

Minted with Pride in the United States of America

Our craftspeople work with you on every detail to help you create a medal that is unique and special to your organization.

If you can imagine it, Medallic Art's artisans can create it.

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