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Minting Process: The Sculpt

A highly skilled artist creates a hand-designed plaster sculpt when the design features a detailed portrait, building, montage, or other intricately detailed designs. The plaster sculpt ranges in size from 10 to 14 inches in diameter. The artist sketches the design on the plaster, then uses a variety of tools to hand carve the design into the plaster sculpt.

The three-dimensional sculpt goes through a series of processes to reduce the design to actual size and create the steel coining dies. The finished product is a medallion with exceptionally deep relief and intricate details that you can see and feel. Note: This process is not utilized for every design, but it may be an option that you want to consider for your custom piece.

The next step is to create the dies.

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NWTM/Medallic Art is a permanent repository of all custom dies for its customers’ future use for the lifetime of the company. NWTM/Medallic Art retains copyright rights to all artwork it creates, and also retains possession and ownership of all dies it creates for its customers. All dies are stored at NWTM/Medallic Art’s facilities and are placed within our Die Library. However, NWTM/Medallic Art will not use its customers’ dies or artwork without express written permission of its customers or for future customer orders.

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Our craftspeople work with you on every detail to help you create a medal that is unique and special to your organization.

If you can imagine it, Medallic Art's artisans can create it.

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